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Our Values

First Order of Business:

Work should be fun.

It sounds like common knowledge, but when we founded THE FUN DEPT, we were determined to prove it. In fact, we're so serious about the value of fun in the workplace that we wrote the book on it. We're a pioneering consulting firm that empowers companies like yours to utilize the "right" kind of fun to improve culture, enhance employee engagement and generate real, measurable impact on your bottom line.

The Results:

Engaged Employees


When people enjoy coming to work, expect enhanced productivity and bottom line profit.

Strong Teams


Well-formed and bonded teams are proven to outperform the competition, every time.

Retention and Recruiting

Retention and

Healthy, dynamic workplace culture avoids costly turnover, and is particularly attractive to new hires.

Budget Efficiency


Our expertise saves your company valuable time and money on planning and production costs.

Our Mission


Creating opportunities for people around the world to have more fun at work.

What We Do

Our Team

We Wrote The Book!

Playing It

Whether you're a believer in the proven theories that fun in the workplace can lead to endless business benefits, or just starting to wonder if this may be true, you've come to the right place. More than 10 years in the making, "Playing It Forward" is the story behind THE FUN DEPT, detailing our science and the “how to” model for creating winning workplace culture.

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Playing It Forward

Our Clients


People say great things about us. Without us having to bribe them. Which is always nice.

"We think of our employees as more than just in their work environment. We consider their stress levels and health. The Fun Dept. supports this outcome and engages our team with their programs. They are great!"

Joy Zaben
Joy Zaben
Chief of Staff, Capital One

"Working with The Fun Dept. has been an absolute joy! They take all the best parts of being a speaker and facilitator and put them together in one effective, smart, fun-to-deliver program."

Irina Baranov
Irina Baranov, CPCC
Executive Coach, Certified
Fun Dept. Trainer

"Thank you, Fun Dept., for orchestrating and delivering such an outstanding event last week. You exceeded all our expectations. There is nothing quite like seeing your colleagues face off to bring everyone to the table with their ‘A Game.’"

Jared Cohen
Jared Cohen
Brand Manager, AstraZeneca

Proudly Playing It Forward:

CapitalOne 360
Workplace Dynamics
Wilmington University
WL Gore

Health Advocate
EZ Shield


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